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Beef and Global Warming

Beef Sustainability Facts

Beef Sustainability: Myth vs. Fact

Beef Water Use 

Carbon Sequestration and Beef

Ecosystem Services 

Mitigation of Emissions in Animal Agriculture

Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for US Beef  

Beef: The Original Solar-Powered, Plant-Based Protein

Environmental Footprints of the U.S. Beef Industry 

True Impact of Animal Agriculture on the Environment

Enteric Methane Emissions

Reversing Global Warming with Livestock

Cows, Carbon and Climate

Climate Change and Animal Agriculture

Study Clarifies U.S. Beef's Resource Use and GHG Emissions 

The Environment and Cattle Production 

Reducing GHG Emissions from Livestock

40 Ways Cattle Ranchers Help the Environment

Animal Ag and GHG Emissions: Fact vs. Fallacy

The Environmental Impact of Beef Production in the U.S.

Environmental Impacts of Livestock Grazing

Veganism Won't Save the Environment 

 Impacts of Removing Animals from US Agriculture

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