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Colorado is Better With Beef

Colorado beef fuels our economy and your body. Today, Colorado’s beef industry launched a consumer and citizen-facing educational initiative telling the story of why Colorado is Better with Beef. Today, key-noting the launch event, Governor Jared Polis stated, “We want to make sure that at the end of the day farming and ranching isn’t just a storied part of Colorado’s history… But an important, dynamic, and growing part of Colorado’s future.”

Not only have beef producers increased sustainability 5% in the last six years, but also contribute invaluable benefits such as wildlife habitat, open space, and recreational opportunities on over half of Colorado’s lands. “We love our animals, we love our environment. We do everything that we can to leave the environment a better place next year than it was last year (…) meeting the needs of our consumers in Colorado, nationally, and worldwide,” said Senator Jerry Sonnenberg.

According to former Commissioner of Agriculture, Don Ament, “Today’s beef producers are producing the same amount of beef that they did in 1977 with 33% fewer cattle, and in Colorado that is a $4 billion industry.” Gov. Polis added, “I know that working with cattlemen and working with our beef producers, we can find a way to make the future work for Colorado ranchers.”

Gov. Polis speaking at Better with Beef launch

Today’s “Better With Beef” launch marked an important milestone in continuing the legacy and evolution of Colorado’s beef industry. Colorado Cattlemen’s Association’s President, Steve Wooten, and Colorado Livestock Association’s President, Mike Veeman stated, “The Better With Beef initiative will engage stakeholders, partners, and producers throughout Colorado to deploy the best in science, technology, and societal support.”

Gov. Polis said it best, “Agriculture is really at the foundation of every human life.”

Follow the story of “Better With Beef” online at and on social media with #BetterWithBeef.

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